Next generation simulation and optimization for Additive Manufacturing

PANX: OPTIMIZE manufacturing processes with multi-grid modeling

The PanX solver addresses the current simulation and optimization needs of the AM market; to simulate parts of extreme geometric complexity and to not just predict print outcomes but to improve them. The PanX solver enables this with a set of breakthrough innovations:

Multi-Grid Modeling: Simulate geometries of extreme complexity, scale compute time linearly with model size, and achieve nearly identical results as a fine fixed mesh for thermomechanical simulations

Build optimization: Optimize support design using gradient-based optimization

Process optimization: Spatially optimize machine process-parameters to control material melting

SEE PANX in action

PanX enables rapid simulation and optimization of extremely large and complex parts in production environments. The solver is architected from the ground up with these problems in mind.

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Get to know our team

PanOptimization licenses the PanX solver (a finite element based engineering software) to users in the aerospace and defense, biomedical, and CAE industries, as well as machine OEMs and universities. We are located in State College Pennsylvania, just across the street from Penn State’s CIMP-3D Lab.